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Frequently Asked Questions

What music does Linkin Park sing?

Musical style and influences. Linkin Park combines elements of rock music, hip hop and electronica, and have been categorized as alternative rock, nu metal, alternative metal, rap rock, electronic rock, hard rock, hip hop, rap metal, pop, industrial rock, and pop rock.

What is the best Linkin Park song?

Some of those songs which I consider as the best of Linkin Park are: In The End(Hybrid Theory): Numb(Meteora): Crawling(Hybrid Theory): Breaking The Habit(Meteora): What I've Done(Minutes to Midnight): New Divide(Transformers Revenge of the fallen soundtrack): Waiting for the end(A Thousand Suns): Castle Of Glass(Living Things):

What is Linkin Park Numb about?

The song 'Numb' and the lyrics are attributed to the music video. The lyrics describe what it's like being a troubled teenager. The teenager is shunned and is not liked by teachers or students; the song reflects someone's pain. The artists make the teenager lost in acceptance to others and is emotionally unstable to a point.

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