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Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any good bands like Linkin Park?

The Best Bands Like Linkin Park Three Days Grace. Three Days Grace is a Canadian rock band formed in Norwood, Ontario in 1997. Breaking Benjamin. Breaking Benjamin is an American rock band founded in 1998 by Benjamin Burnley in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania. Evanescence. ... Skillet. ... Papa Roach. ... System of a Down. ... Dead by Sunrise. ... Bring Me The Horizon. ... Seether. ... Slipknot. ... More items...

What are the band members names in Linkin Park?

Band members Mark Wakefield - lead vocals (1996-1998) Chester Bennington - lead vocals (1999-2017; died 2017), occasional rhythm guitar (2006-2017)

What was Linkin Parks original band name?

Band consists of Chester Bennington, Rob Bourdon, Brad Delson, Joseph Hahn, Mike Shinoda and Phoenix Farrell. Linkin Park, prior to 2000, was known as "Hybrid TheoryAmerican rock band Linkin Park has released seven studio albums, three live albums, two compilation albums, two remix albums, three soundtrack albums, 12 video albums, 10 extended plays, 35 singles, 20 promotional singles, and 66 music videos. Linkin Park was formed in Agoura Hills, Ca...", which also turned out to be the name of their first album as "Linkin Park".

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