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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the girl in the Linkin Park Numb video?

The video follows the domestic and social problems faced during a day in the life of an unpopular outcast young female student (portrayed by Briana Evigan).

What happens at the end of Numb Linkin Park?

There are also self-inflicted cut marks on her arms, which spell out "NUMB". During the song's climax, she is shown in her room, as she ties up her hair with a paintbrush, and throws paint at a canvas in anger. At the end, she runs into the church that the band was playing in, almost as if she heard them, only to find the church left behind empty.

When did Linkin Park record Numb with Jay Z?

Linkin Park collaborated with Jay-Z to record a new version called "Numb/Encore" ("Encore" is from Jay-Z's 2003 The Black Album ). Jay-Z handpicked Linkin Park as his partners for an MTV project that was supposed to involve bands creating mashups for an album and performing them on a TV special.

Is the song Numb by Linkin Park on Meteora?

It's very recognizable as our sound. It sounds like a Linkin Park song but it does have some mood that Meteora has if that makes any sense. Maybe I can say that better. When you hear it, you can easily recognize it as a Linkin Park song but it obviously belongs on Meteora.

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