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Frequently Asked Questions

When did Linkin Park get their first record deal?

The band signed a record deal with Warner Bros. Records as Hybrid Theory in April 2000, but there was another band on the label called Hybrid and the label didn't want Hybrid Theory getting confused with them, so they had to change their name to Linkin Park and Hybrid Theory became the title of their debut album instead.

What was the lead song of Linkin Park?

"The Catalyst" was something like Linkin Park's "Paranoid Android," a shape-shifting, grand statement lead single deployed on radio like a smart bomb; unlike Radiohead, LP actually had the commercial clout for it to detonate, with the song becoming a No. 1 rock and alternative hit.

How many songs does Linkin Park have on Hybrid Theory?

The band released its breakthrough album, Hybrid Theory the following year. The album produced four singles, " One Step Closer ", " Crawling ", " Papercut " and " In the End ". The album included a total of twelve songs with two additional special edition tracks available in Japan.

When did Linkin Park change their name to linkinpark?

The name was changed in May, which is when the domain was registered. The text on the CD indicates that the demos contained in it are dated from February 2000. The CD contains the same mixes as featured on the 8-track demo CD, but all the songs are completely without static.

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