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Frequently Asked Questions

When did the first Linkin Park song Come Out?

The release dates used in this page aren't the very first release of each song, instead, we're listing the release date of the first album it appeared on. For the first release, see the song page.

When did the Linkin Park LP Underground 6 come out?

LP Underground 6 is Linkin Park's sixth EP, and sixth release from their fanclub, the LP Underground. The EP contains six tracks, four of which are live recordings from the band's short Japan Tour in 2006. The EP's release coincided of the new version of the LP Underground, and was released on December 5, 2006.

What are some of Linkin Park's best songs?

1 "Leave Out All the Rest" ( 2 Linkin Park & JAY-Z, "Numb/Encore" ( 3 "In Pieces" ( 4 "Heavy" feat. Kiiara ( 5 "Waiting for the End" ( 6 "The Little Things Give You Away" ( 7 "Bleed It Out" ( 8 "Blackout" ( 9 "Points of Authority" ( 10 "Breaking the Habit" ( More items...

Who is the producer of Linkin Park's new album?

Linkin Park returned to the recording studios in 2006 to work on new material. To produce the album, the band chose producer Rick Rubin. Despite initially stating the album would debut sometime in 2006, the album was delayed until 2007.

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