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Frequently Asked Questions

What are some examples of linking verbs?

Examples of linking verbs include: to be, to become, and to seem. These three examples are always linking verbs. In addition, you have the verbs: to appear, to feel, to look, to smell, to sound, and to taste.

How many linking verbs are there?

Linking Verbs. You can call these either linking verbs or intransitive linking verbs. They link the subject of a sentence with a noun or adjective. If you count all of the forms of to be as one word, there are 13 linking verbs.

What do linking verbs do?

Definition of Linking Verb. A linking verb connects a subject to a verb in a sentence in order to show the action that is being done. A linking verb does not express the action by itself. Some words can serve as both linking verbs and action verbs.

Which sentence includes a linking verb?

Here are some examples of linking verbs used in sentences with the linking verbs in bold: William is excited about his promotion. She appears upset about the announcement. The eggs smell rotten. He went red after tripping on the rug. Your plans for the wedding sound nice. You look exhausted after studying all night. I am putty in his hands.

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