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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I log into my Linksys WiFi router?

Steps Connect your computer to the network. Connect to the same network the Linksys router is on. Go to in a Web browser. This should connect you to the router. Enter your username in the labeled field. If you haven't changed the username from the factory default, leave it blank. Enter your password in the labeled field.

How do I Configure my Linksys router?

Insert the two-pronged AC adapter for the Linksys router into a wall outlet. Insert the other end into the "Power" jack on the back of the router. Wait until the "Power" light in front of the router is solidly lit and the "WLAN" light is flashing.

How do I Secure my Linksys router?

If you own a Linksys router, you can secure it by either enabling a wireless security password, enabling a wireless media access control (MAC) filter, or by disabling the service set identifier (SSID) broadcast of the router.

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