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Frequently Asked Questions

What is linktree and how does it work?

Linktree is a tool that allows you to share multiple links via Instagram. What does Linktree do? It basically creates a simple landing page that hosts multiple links. You pop the link to this landing page in your Instagram bio, in order to drive traffic to specific areas of your site. How does Linktree work?

How does a linktree landing page work on Instagram?

Linktree works by creating a landing page on their site, which features multiple links to your site. You simply copy and paste your Linktree landing page URL into your Instagram bio to raise awareness of other parts of your site.

What's the difference between free and premium linktree?

There is a free version and a premium version, which (at the time of writing) costs $6 per month. The free version has limited functionality and doesn’t allow you to add much branding. However, you can add a profile picture and change the colour of the background to one of their presets.

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