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Frequently Asked Questions

What does a linktree do on a website?

A “Linktree” is a way to leverage Instagram’s single bio link, and it serves as a link that houses a multitude of other links to funnel visitors into. We used Linktree for awhile, and being there were some elements we didn’t like, we decided to create our own on our own WordPress website.

How to create your own custom linktree theme?

We use Elementor for our theme, however you can apply the same concept to other themes as well! 1. SEE HOW MUCH TRAFFIC EACH LINK IS GENERATING (PRO FEATURE) On their pro feature ($6/mo) Linktree offers the ability to see how many clicks each link is receiving. You can evaluate which links are more popular than others.

Who are the investors in the company linktree?

The funding is the company's first from an institutional investor. On March 26, 2021, Linktree announced the closing of a $45M Series B financing round. The round was co-led by Index Ventures and Coatue, with participation from returning investors AirTree Ventures and Insight Partners.

Can you choose the color of your linktree?

Linktree does offer the ability to choose the colors of the appearance, however, it can’t truely match your branding – or how you want to start the experience with your clients. 3.

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