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Frequently Asked Questions

When to use your own page instead of linktree?

When you use your own website’s page instead of Linktree, anyone who clicks is already on your website . This is not only great for search engine optimization, but also means you don’t have to have a link to your website in your list of links - visitors are already on your website!

Why are linktree and Instagram bad for SEO?

Instagram can be a pain in the bottom for brands, in that it only allows you to add a single link to your account. Linktree is link a little linking middle man, so you replace the link in your bio to a link to a Linktree page, that is essentially a list of links.

Where does linktree traffic go on Google Analytics?

Even if you are tracking your website traffic with Google Analytics (which you definitely should be!), traffic from any Linktree visitor will show up under ‘Referrals’, when in actuality it should be showing up under ‘Social’.

How to create a linktree alternative on SquareSpace?

You should see a small arrow at the top of your screen (Squarespace 7.0) or in the upper right hand corner (Squarespace 7.1). If you click on the phone icon, you’ll be able to directly view how the page will appear on mobile. 5. Add it to your Instagram bio

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