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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you need a linktree page for your Instagram bio link?

If you’re building your social media platform on Instagram, and haven’t considered using a linktree page for your bio link, then you’re missing some really great opportunities. Instagram has established itself as one of the top and most influential social networks out there right now.

What is a linktree page and why do you need one?

You get one active link, and that’s in your bio. With only one link being available to you, it’s difficult to ensure people are getting to your most important content or whatever you want them to see when you post something in your feed. That’s where a linktree page comes in.

Are linktree's design tools a branding opportunity?

Just like Linktree’s design tools are a branding opportunity, so are the link names you choose. While the possibility for creativity is certainly available, clarity is always preferable to cutesy. Succinct link names help users filter their needs in a social world full of clutter.

What are the best alternatives to linktree?

So if you like the idea of LINKTR.EE, but want to explore other options, then there are several to consider, including: Campsite.Bio – Another freemium service (free and paid versions) that gives you the basic bio link pages for free, with some nice upgrades in the paid version.

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