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Frequently Asked Questions

Is linktree the best way to link to external websites?

You can still link to external websites, but will do so via your domain, creating a virtual link between you and your new web buddy. Linktree is for some people. If you don’t have your own website, then Linktree is probably the solution you need.

What are the best linktree alternatives on Instagram?

ContactInBio is another Linktree alternative. It is a platform for people who need to keep changing links in their bio on Instagram. It provides you assistance to create your micro landing page. It has a free sign-up option.

Do you need a linktree page for your Instagram bio link?

If you’re building your social media platform on Instagram, and haven’t considered using a linktree page for your bio link, then you’re missing some really great opportunities. Instagram has established itself as one of the top and most influential social networks out there right now.

Is linktree worth the cost?

Linktree is for some people. If you have a website, using Linktree could actually be harming your business. Is that really worth paying up to $6 a month for this burden? Instagram can be a pain in the bottom for brands, in that it only allows you to add a single link to your account.

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