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Frequently Asked Questions

What do doctors use to listen to the lungs?

Auscultation refers to the process of listening to the sounds inside the body, including the lungs, to diagnose problems. Using a stethoscope, a doctor can listen to bronchial and vesicular breathing.

What is listening to the lungs?

Lung Auscultation. This is the process of listening to body sounds while differentiating normal from abnormal sounds. Lung auscultation is done to help in the diagnosis of a particular disorder. When you want to listen to lung sounds, minimize external sounds. For example, turn off the TV and restrict the patient from speaking.

Where do you listen for lung sounds?

Start at the bottom and work your way up. Listen to lung sounds at eight places along the middle back, under the scapula bones, from the outer rib cage inwards in two tiers of four. Listen to lung sounds between the scapula bones at their lower portion on either side of the spine.

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