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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you listen to podcasts on your Google Home?

But you also can listen to podcasts directly on your Google Home pretty easily. There are a couple of ways to do this: by using your voice, or by casting. We’ll cover both.

How can I listen to NPR on my Google Home?

Give any of the commands below a try and hear NPR's critically acclaimed, audio-rich stories come alive on your Google Home voice-activated speaker powered by the Google Assistant. Say, "OK Google, play NPR." This will play live radio from a Member station near you.

Is there an app to listen to podcasts on Android?

While most Android apps should have this baked in (except, ironically, Google’s own Podcasts app), it’s harder to find on iOS. Pocket Casts is probably the most popular app with Cast support built in if you’re an Apple user.

How do I send a podcast to my home?

To send a podcast to your Home, just tap on the Cast icon in any app that supports the feature, and then choose the speaker to which you want to cast. The podcast should start playing immediately. Now you can play, pause, and stop the podcast from your phone, and also take it with you somewhere else to finish later if you need to.

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