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Frequently Asked Questions

What does lithosphere mean?

Definition of lithosphere. : the solid part of a celestial body (such as the earth) specifically : the outer part of the solid earth composed of rock essentially like that exposed at the surface, consisting of the crust and outermost layer of the mantle, and usually considered to be about 60 miles (100 kilometers) in thickness.

How do you describe the lithosphere?

Summary The lithosphere is the brittle crust and uppermost mantle. The asthenosphere is a solid but it can flow, like toothpaste. The lithosphere rests on the asthenosphere.

What are some facts about the lithosphere?

The lithosphere is the solid outer section of Earth which includes Earth's crust (the "skin" of rock on the outer layer of planet Earth), as well as the underlying cool, dense, and fairly rigid upper part of the upper mantle. The lithosphere extends from the surface of Earth to a depth of about 44-62 mi (70-100 km).

What are the characteristics of the lithosphere?

Another distinguishing characteristic of the lithosphere is its flow properties. Under the influence of the low-intensity, long-term stresses that drive tectonic motion, the lithosphere is like a rigid shell. It changes mainly by breaking ("brittle failure").

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