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Frequently Asked Questions

What elements make up the lithosphere of the Earth?

Oxygen Radon Nitrogen Oxygen Radon Nitrogen

What layer of the Earth makes up the lithosphere?

Lithosphere, rigid, rocky outer layer of the Earth, consisting of the crust and the solid outermost layer of the upper mantle. It extends to a depth of about 60 miles (100 km). It is broken into about a dozen separate, rigid blocks, or plates ( see plate tectonics ).

What is the lithosphere vs asthenosphere?

The Lithosphere is composed of the crust and upper most solid mantle. While the Asthenosphere, which lies beneath the lithosphere, is composed of the upper most weaker part of the mantle. As we move from the lithosphere to the asthenosphere the temperature increases.

What is the purpose of a lithosphere?

The lithosphere serves as a source of minerals . The minerals supply the basic materials required for making a variety of commodities, which man uses daily. 2. The lithosphere is also the major source of fuels such as coal, petroleum and a natural gas.

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