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Frequently Asked Questions

How does ticker ticker work on bitcoin network?

Time between graph updates : ms Play sound on each trade Round Bids/Asks to 0.500 Animate Depth Movements Highlight BTC bids/asks above : Alert if price falls below: Alert if price climbs above: Alert if price change +/- : Sound Alert Desktop Alert Show Personalized Content Finished Ticker Network▼ Network Stats Mining Pools

What's the price of a live crypto coin?

Live Crypto Prices Rank Coin Price Market Cap All-time High 1 BTC Bitcoin $ 32842.37 $615.51 B $64763.29 2 ETH Ethereum $ 1915.32 $222.97 B $4391.29 3 USDT Tether $ 0.998757 $62.749 B $1.18 4 BNB Binance Coin $ 287.34 $44.087 B $691.56 22 more rows ...

How much is the value of a bitcoin?

Bitcoin BTC Price $5,284.4,770 Volume (24hr) $11,221,850,045 Vol/MCap 12.02% Market Cap $93,321,416,548 Circulating 17,659,537 Total Supply 17,659,537

How often does the bitcoin price go up or down?

The price is as unstable as always and it can go up or down by 10%-20% in a single day. Bitcoin is an SHA-256 POW coin with almost 21,000,000 total minable coins. The block time is 10 minutes.

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