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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you set up a LLC in Washington State?

Setting up an LLC, or limited liability company, in Washington State is extremely easy. You only need to step through a simple, online wizard (available here) or fill out and then submit a simple two page form (available here) in order to form the entity.

How do I apply for a LLC in Washington State?

Forming an LLC in Washington State. Register your LLC with the Washington Secretary of State You can do so online or by mail. The cost is currently $180 + $20 for online filing. Go to the Washington Secretary of State's website (link below) to file online or to obtain an application for mailing.

What is the Washington State LLC law?

Washington State enacted its LLC laws in 1995, called the Washington Limited Liability Company Act. The LLC laws authorize the creation of new LLCs in Washington State and permit LLCs formed in other states to conduct business in Washington State.

What are the requirements to be a LLC?

An LLC member must generally be of the age of majority, which is usually 18 years old. No state places any citizenship requirement on a corporation or individual wishing to serve as an LLC member. A corporation does not need to be incorporated in the same state as where the LLC is being organized.

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