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Frequently Asked Questions

Do Hilton employees get discounts?

Hilton Employee Discount and the Corporate Benefits Employee Offer. Employee discounts can vary from firm to firm and the incentives can often be generous enough to help attract you to your place of work. Hilton is one of those employers and their discounted room benefits are usually highly rated by their team members.

Do Hilton Honors members get free Wi-Fi?

Hilton updated its HHonors Terms and Conditions to reflect this latest addition. Hilton is now rolling out free Wi-Fi to HHonors members. IHG led the way when it began offering free Wi-Fi to all IHG reward members in 2014.

How do you join Hilton Honors?

All you need to do is: Join Hilton Honors here for free. Create a Hilton Honors Dining account by providing your name, address, phone number, email, and Hilton Honors account number on our secure website. Register any credit and/or debit cards you plan to use at restaurants, bars, or clubs. Then, just dine at any program location.

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