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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose lobbytrack?

"Lobbytrack is easy to use visitor management software and the interface with our existing hardware and software is flawless. The ability to register visitors and have them check themselves in has allowed us to dramatically reduce our manpower costs for security personnel."

Why did we add the expresslobby™ and lobbycentral™ features?

We added these features to LobbyCentral to help companies operate within COVID restrictions. In addition, these features provided an added convenience to your customer base! ExpressLobby ™ is a LobbyCentral feature that allows your customers to check-in without touching anything except their phone.

How can I get a quote from lobbycentral?

Contact us for a free quote. LobbyCentral is led by a team of individuals with over 40 years of experience in the customer service, financial, education, and governement industries. LobbyCentral is easy to use and cloud based. Very cost effective. Great customer support. Fast response.

How do customers book an appointment with lobbycentral?

Customers can book an appointment online, selecting from a list of available date and times. Using ExpressLobby, customers can check in without having to enter your facility. LobbyCentral is a versatile and flexible program that works in many industries!

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