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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Hobby Lobby a public traded company?

Hobby Lobby is not a secular, publicly traded company. Rather, it is the personal, purpose-driven mission of one of the most devout families I’ve ever met. I appreciate that it is Hobby Lobby, not the entire business sector, that is before the high court this week.

Is Hobby Lobby owned by the Mormon Church?

Hobby Lobby is not owned by the Mormon church. It is a Protestant organization that promotes Jesus Christ as our Savior. They have full page features in our newspaper showing the birth of Christ and at Easter time his resurrection story.

Is Hobby Lobby really closing its stores?

Shoppers should rest assured that Hobby Lobby is not closing down. It’s all a hoax. In fact, according to the Hobby Lobby company itself, the store is far from closing– it’s actually experiencing tremendous growth.

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