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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the disclosure of lobbying activities?

Lobbying Disclosure Act [LDA] Law and Legal Definition. The Lobbying Disclosure Act is a U.S. federal statute. The Act enumerates a number of provisions which attempt to maintain a degree of transparency in the activities of lobbyists.

Should lobbying be legal?

Lobbying cannot be made illegal and should not be made illegal. It is a fundamental part of democratic government. The problem with America’s current lobbying system is the feature where many lobbyists make huge donations of money to elected officials.

What is a Lobbying Report?

Lobbying Reporting. A quarterly report of lobbying activities is required from registrants for each actively registered client. Reporting is required beginning with the effective date of registration and continues until the client's registration is terminated, even if the registrant does not have any lobbying activity to report.

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