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Frequently Asked Questions

What can the locator attachment system be used for?

The LOCATOR Attachment System is available for: In vitro study of the insertion of disinsertion effect on retention of two attachment systems of an overdenture on two implants. If playback doesn't begin shortly, try restarting your device. Videos you watch may be added to the TV's watch history and influence TV recommendations.

How does the locator male implant system work?

The LOCATOR Male self-aligns and pivots inside the denture cap providing a genuine resilient connection that holds-up to patient mastication forces while providing attachment durability. Self-tapping design for ease of implant insertion and increased implant stability. G.E. Carlsson and R. Omar.

When to use an extended range locator replacement male?

LOCATOR Extra Light Retention Replacement Male - Blue LOCATOR Extended Range Replacement Male - Green If the divergence of any implant is between 10 degree and 20 degrees, use the Extended Range Replacement Male (green = 3-4lbs) which can accommodate a divergent implant up to 20 degrees (40 degrees between implants).

What are the cuff Heights for the locator?

The LOCATOR Attachment is available in 2.5 and 4.0 mm cuff heights for implant placement flexibility, attachment interchangeability and replacement should wear occur throughout time Simple, intuitive instrumentation and technique for minimally invasive flapless procedures.

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