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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I install the Respondus Lockdown browser?

Installing Respondus LockDown Browser Click on the following link: If necessary, choose Windows or Mac (depending on the type of computer you are using) and click Install Now. ... Follow the installation process. You should see the LockDown Browser icon on your desktop after you finish the installation.

Why isn't Lockdown browser opening?

LockDown Browser is not opening. Cause: LockDown Browser installation may be corrupt or running in an inconsistent state. Resolution #1: It’s possible some programs may be interfering with LockDown Browser. Try closing all programs on your computer (other than those used to connect to the internet) prior to launching LockDown Browser.

How do I user Respondus Lockdown browser?

How to Access Respondus Lockdown Browser? Once you have installed the lockdown browser, the icon is supposed to appear on your Windows Desktop or Mac Application folder. ... After opening, the login page will open where you need to provide proper credentials (username and password). After logging in, you can select your course and exam. More items...

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