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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a lockdown on shops in London?

The UK government has announced the following steps for easing lockdown in London and the rest of England. Step one: Since 29 March, you can meet in a group of up to six people or two households outdoors. Step two: Since 12 April, all shops can reopen in London.

When did the lockdown start in the UK?

Boris Johnson addressed the nation on January 4th and explained England would go into another lockdown the following day, January 5th. Following a huge increase in Covid cases and the discovery of a faster spreading variant, the closure of schools and all non-essential shops was announced. Lockdown review date: When does lockdown end in England?

Why is there Lockdown on roads in London?

TfL is currently looking at the major roads it controls in the capital to see if it could temporarily widen pavements and even close some while social distancing rules are in place. There are usually more people out and about in the capital than many other places, either travelling to work, doing exercise or getting groceries.

When is the next date to review the lockdown?

The next legal date to review the lockdown is Thursday May 7. The Prime Minister is expected to extend the lockdown for another three weeks, potentially with some minor changes. Take part in our lockdown survey and help us record living through history:

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