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Frequently Asked Questions

How to get rid of your computer was locked scam?

[Solution] How to Get Rid of your Computer was Locked Scam 1 Step 1: Boot Your PC In Safe Mode to isolate and remove "YOUR COMPUTER WAS LOCKED" ScamOFFERManual Removal Usually... 2 The " Run " Window will appear. In it, type " msconfig " and click OK. See More....

How to remove “your computer was locked” scam from Mozilla Firefox?

Step 1: Start Mozilla Firefox. Open the menu window Step 2: Select the " Add-ons " icon from the menu. Step 4: After the extension is removed, restart Mozilla Firefox by closing it from the red " X " button at the top right corner and start it again. Uninstall "YOUR COMPUTER WAS LOCKED" Scam from Microsoft Edge.

Is your computer has been blocked scam?

A variant of "Your computer has been blocked" scam pop-up using logos of various banks and +1-844-807-8357 phone number: Jet another variant of "Computer Blocked" scam: Text presented in this scam: Windows firewall has detected some suspicious activity from your IP address: and network connection has been blocked temporarily.

How to remove “your computer was locked” scam from Safari?

Remove "YOUR COMPUTER WAS LOCKED" Scam from Safari. Step 1: Start the Safari app. Step 2: After hovering your mouse cursor to the top of the screen, click on the Safari text to open its drop down menu. Step 3: From the menu, click on " Preferences ".

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