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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you download discord?

You can use any web browser, such as Safari or Opera, to use Discord on your computer. This is optional, but if you want to install the Discord desktop app (which has the same exact interface as the web version), click Download, then follow the on-screen instructions to install and launch Discord. Click Login.

Where is discord installed Windows?

It was created for Windows by Hammer & Chisel. You can find out more on Hammer & Chisel or check for application updates here. Discord is typically installed in the C:\Users\UserName\AppData\Local\Discord folder, however this location may vary a lot depending on the user's choice while installing the program.

What is discord website?

Discord is a chatting site and app which users can use during streams, though it also has non-gaming purposes. If you need a head-start on getting started using Discord, follow these steps.

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