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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I connect with PayPal?

Connect with PayPal. Once you have your PayPal username, password, and signature, access your NationBuilder control panel. Go to Settings > Payment processors > New processor and select PayPal Express from the "Select provider" dropdown under "Third-party processor.".

How do I log into a PayPal account?

PayPal's website is the primary method of accessing your PayPal account. Visit the site in any computer Web browser and click Log In. Sometimes, you'll need to click Proceed to Account Overview on an ad page to reach your account. Once logged in, you can send or request money, check your history and change account settings.

How do I get Free Money with PayPal?

How to get FREE PayPal Money 1. Signup for your FREE account. 2. Log in and complete market research surveys, sign up for brand name offers or watch videos. 3. Once you have earned enough points, redeem for PayPal or choose a gift card from hundreds of brands - delivered within 24 hours!

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