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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a logo design company in NYC?

At Logo Design NYC, you’re not just buying a logo…you’re investing in a creative process. Our proven design process, driven by our talented team of designers has made us an award winning logo design company with experience in various styles, across all industries, throughout the world.

Who is the New York City web designer?

MEET ``THE`` NEW YORK WEBSITE DESIGNER... Andrea Bertola Shaw. The New York Website Designer, also known as Andrea Bertola Shaw, decided to change the name of her business after so many of her clients gave referrals stating, “Andrea is THE New York Website Designer.” She launched her first web design company in 2003.

Why do you want to be a logo designer?

Original designs will meet your needs and build an image that will please the customers targeted, thus increasing the footfall and brand popularity as the base of consumerism grows.

Who is the best freelance designer in NYC?

NYC's #1 Freelance Website designer. (NY, NY) The New York Website Designer, aka Andrea Bertola Shaw, is NYC’s most in-demand, affordable freelance web designer in 2019. To this day we have not spent one penny on advertising!

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