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Frequently Asked Questions

Where are the Williams Bros health care locations?

Health Care Pharmacy main office is located in Washington, Indiana. There are Williams Bros. Health Care Pharmacy locations in Washington, Loogootee, Paoli, Bloomington, Princeton, and Vincennes, Indiana and one location in Olney, Illinois. There are Home Medical Equipment locations in Columbus and New Albany, Indiana.

What do you need to know about Williams Bros pharmacy?

Retail: Williams Bros. Retail Pharmacy will focus on maintaining an uncompromising passion to provide quality pharmaceutical care through exceptional customer service, teamwork, dedication, and respect. Our home medical equipment team is dedicated to providing superior care.

Is it important to age at home at Williams Brothers?

At WB , we know how important it is for you to age at home. We offer a variety of independent living solutions and home modifications to ensure your safety at home.

Who is the LTC Billing Manager for Williams Bros?

Prior to taking on the role of LTC Billing Manager, Laura started her career as a Long Term Care biller with WB. She utilizes her experience and insights to gauge the best resources available for her employees to succeed and is always willing to stay and work alongside her employees on any projects.”

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