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Frequently Asked Questions

Is 'loss' the Internet's greatest meme?

KnowYourMeme published an article about Loss in 2017 calling it "The Internet's Greatest Meme." [18] When the strip's publication had its ten-year anniversary on June 2nd, 2018, Buckley briefly changed the page to show a parody of his own creation which shows the comic's main character breaking the fourth wall (shown below).

What does the increasingly verbose and loss meme mean?

This was a creation shared on a KnowYourMeme page which shows a fusion between Increasingly Verbose and Loss. Increasingly Verbose is another famous meme used to represent graphics or drawings getting worse every time, and in this case it was used with Loss as a funny parody of the ending in the comic strip with a “I _”.

What is the origin of the “loss” meme?

On June 2nd 2008, Buckley ran a four-pane comic strip titled "Loss." In it, Ethan rushes to a hospital and discovers that his girlfriend, Lilah, has had a miscarriage. Thus was born one of the most iconic imageries in internet meme history.

What is a loss comic?

Similar to how anything with green and purple can be recognized as Daily Dose, any similar-looking four pane comic can be recognized as Loss. Edits such as these continued to spread throughout the internet over the following decade.

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