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Frequently Asked Questions

What to do when someone loses a pet?

What to Do When Someone Has Lost a Pet. When you know someone who has just lost a pet, offer your sympathy and support. Even if it makes you uncomfortable, give them a call and listen. If you sense that kinds words from you are welcome, share your own positive memories of the animal.

How do you cope with the loss of a pet?

Grieving for the loss of your pet is an important part of coping. If you have lost a special canine companion, the emotions can become overwhelming. Take some time out to grieve for your dog. Celebrate the bond you had with your pet. Don't be afraid to cry. It takes time to heal.

How you can help someone grieving the loss of a pet?

How you can help someone grieving the loss of a pet in a meaningful way. First and foremost, never tell a pet owner you know how they feel. No one wants to see a friend in pain. There is a major temptation to try and give... Do not try to help your friend by disposing of every evidence that pet/companion existed.

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