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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a good book about the loss of a pet?

The Loss of a Pet: A Guide to Coping with the… Making Rounds with Oscar (The… Only Gone From Your Sight: Jack McAfghan's… What Is a Dog?: A Memoir Pawprints On Our Hearts: How A Few… Chicken Soup for the Soul: The Cat Did… Soul Comfort for Cat Lovers: Coping Wisdom… Denali: A Man, a Dog, and the Friendship of a…

What can a pet book do for You?

Told from the perspective of the pet, the book helps owners work through the emotions of losing a beloved animal companion. A child can help add pictures of their pet, as well as their collar tags, so that they will have a special book to revisit in the coming years when they want to remember their furry family member. (Ages 5 & up)

What to say to a young boy who lost his dog?

After burying their beloved pet, the young boy is not ready for a new dog. But when the time comes, he knows he will tell that new pet, “I’ll always love you.” This is a great book for families that have lost an older dog. (Ages 3-7) Even though Badger is a woodland creature, this story will resonate with anyone who has lost a favorite pet.

What happens when a child loses a pet?

Although it’s a very common experience, losing a beloved pet can be difficult for children (and parents!). Conversations around death will inevitably arise, and little ones may begin to ask a lot of tough questions.

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