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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the common causes of tire air loss?

Bent or damaged wheel. The wheel may partially lose its perfectly round shape due to corrosion or hitting a road hazard. Also, if corrosion is present at the surface where the tire is mounted, the air loss may be greater.

What is the default air flow and friction loss for ducts?

The default values are for air flow 400 cfm (680 m3/h), duct size 8 in (200 mm) and friction loss 0.28 inH2O/100ft (2.3 Pa/m). Download and print Air Ducts Friction Loss Diagram!

What is the difference between local loss and dynamic loss?

Dynamic losses are proportional to dynamic pressure and can be calculated using the equation: where the Local loss coefficient, known as a C-coefficient, represents flow disturbances for particular fittings or for duct-mounted equipment as a function of their type and ratio of dimensions. Coefficients can be found in the ASHRAE Fittings diagrams.

What is the difference between total pressure and pressure loss?

· The measurement of the energy level in an air stream is uniquely represented by total pressure only. The pressure losses in a duct are represented by the combined potential and kinetic energy transformation, i.e., the loss of total pressure. · The fan energy increases both static and dynamic pressure.

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