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Frequently Asked Questions

What does it mean to get a Lotus tattoo?

The Buddhists also believe that tattoos of a lotus flower in its various stages of blossoming has different meanings. Getting a tattoo with a budding lotus flower could mean that you are in the early stages of your enlightenment. The bud is the first stage in a lotus flower’s life.

What is the best flower for a tattoo?

You can choose to have a red lotus flower for its representation of love, or a beautiful watercolor lotus flower for its rainbow of colors. One of the great things about the lotus flower is that they are perfect for large, or small, detailed tattoos.

What is a lotus flower Mandala tattoo?

The lotus flower is perfect alone for a tattoo or to be added into a detailed landscape. The lotus flower mandala tattoo is very popular for thigh tattoos, back and under boob tattoos. No matter where you decide to get your mandala lotus flower, it will be a perfect addition.

Can you get a Lotus tattoo on your fingernail?

This lotus flower tattoo was inked directly onto the fingernail. It’s an almost painless process and grows out with your nail. Give your lotus flower tattoo a realistic look with thin line detailing on the petals and the addition of stamen in the center of the design.

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