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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the executive producer of love life?

But the anthology show, starring and executive produced by Anna Kendrick, trades in tropes that are as overused on TV as the word "tropes" is in TV criticism. May 21, 2020 | Full Review…

What is the error code for love life?

Please reference “Error Code 2121” when contacting customer service. Love Life 's first season breezes by on Anna Kendrick's charms, but those looking for a real connection may find its featherweight familiarness frustrating. The percentage of users who rated this 3.5 stars or higher.

Is the HBO series Love Life a good show?

May 27, 2020 | Full Review… The series does gently bat around romcom tropes, while outcomes are grounded in reality, striking a nice balance. Other than the odd narration, Love Life is very watchable and a fine start for HBO Max Originals. May 26, 2020 | Full Review…

When does love life resemble the nature of dating it chronicles?

Love Life ends up resembling the nature of dating it chronicles - seemingly endless options and varieties of prospects but few opportunities for authentic, meaningful connection. May 26, 2020 | Rating: C- | Full Review…

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