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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Anna Kendrick in the movie Love Life?

Anna Kendrick stars as Darby, a young woman whose perfectly rom-com career rise in the art museum and auction-house world in New York City is not, at least for some time, matched by confidence or self-knowledge in her personal life. (That’s a rom-com cliché too, but “Love Life” pushes Darby’s insecurities farther than most.)

Is the HBO series Love Life a good show?

Love Life is a fantastic, and albeit very realistic, take on what it is like being a woman in the dating world in your mid twenties. With a great cast and an even better soundtrack, this HBO Max feature is a perfect watch for any woman seeking something relatable, and also moderately encouraging.

How did Anna Kendrick and Augie Jeong meet?

“You just wear what you’re wearing because you are who you are.” She meets Augie Jeong (Jin Ha from Devs) at a party and after the obligatory (in art as in life) torturous wait for him to text, they start to date and spend an idyllic few months falling and being in love.

How many episodes are there in love life?

As it stands, though, “Love Life” is a piece of content that makes for amiable company and that doesn’t stand out as particularly grievous; as part of a library graded on capacity rather than curation, it fits right in. HBO. Ten episodes (eight screened for review).

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