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Frequently Asked Questions

How old is Anna Kendrick in love life?

The 10-episode rom-com stars Anna Kendrick as Darby, an early 20-something who's flailing on her career path, while falling into questionable relationships and roaming the city's party scene with her roommates (as we tend to do at that age).

What kind of clothes does Darby wear in love life?

Although, here's a secret: Darby, supposedly borrowing her band promoter roommate Sara (Zoë Chao)'s clothes, is actually wearing current-day pieces, like a striped Zara sweater and an A-line Acne button-front skirt (above), which Demeterio "chopped to death" to make it "completely tiny."

What did the lead in love life wear?

Relatably, the lead first appears on what appears to be the Church Avenue F train platform in skinny Zara jeans, a lotus leaf baby T, faux fur lined parka, her trusty Converse Chucks low-tops and, of course, a Fjallraven backpack (above). "Definitely, we had to throw that backpack in there because it was of that time," says Demeterio.

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