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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there going to be season 2 of Lovecraft Country?

The network confirmed to Deadline that the show, despite the 10-episode season’s popularity, will not be getting a Season 2.

Who are the Klan in Lovecraft Country episode 2?

Atticus (Jonathan Majors) and crew immediately suspect that these guys are the Klan, but they're informed by Christina (Abbey Lee), a younger Braithwaite, that the Klan is too poor. Bloop. Nevertheless, Old Braithwaite's lewk is too much for me.

What happens at the end of Lovecraft Country?

SCARY. VERY SCARY. TOO SCARY. After taking the car, which Winklevoss has cleaned for them, and gone in search of Atticus' father, the gang rolls into a town straight out of The VVitch, complete with a Wicker Woman and sinister singing children. Let me state for the record: NO INDEED.

Is the TV show Lovecraft Country based on a true story?

Misha Green's series, based on Matt Ruff's novel of the same name, is an intricately constructed creation, expertly designed, written, directed and acted so that it works on multiple levels: historical drama, contemporary commentary, psychological realism, and—gird your loins—old-fashioned scream fest. I do not like to be scared.

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