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Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the actors in Lovecraft Country TV series?

Series Cast Jurnee Smollett Letitia 'Leti' Lewis10 episodes, 2020 Jonathan Majors Atticus Freeman10 episodes, 2020 Aunjanue Ellis Hippolyta Freeman10 episodes, 2020 Wunmi Mosaku Ruby Baptiste10 episodes, 2020

Who is Leti in Lovecraft Country on HBO?

Jurnee Smollett plays Atticus's friend Leti, who joins him on the road trip as they face terrors both racist and monstrous. Smollett is an American actress who has been acting since she was a child, appearing in television sitcoms such as On Our Own and Fullhouse.

Who is the white man in Lovecraft Country?

In the morning, the trio stumbles out of the woods to find an enormous mansion, where they are welcomed by a mysterious white man, William, who greets them warmly. William explains that the mansion is Ardham Lodge, designed by Titus Braithwhite, a slave trader and the founder of an occult secret society of wizards called the Sons of Adam.

Is there going to be second season of Lovecraft Country?

While a second season, Lovecraft Country: Supremacy, was in development, HBO announced in July 2021 that the series had been cancelled.

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