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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the episode of Lovecraft Country based on a true story?

Martin Luther King Jr. after being struck in the head by a rock in Chicago’s Marquette Park. The scientific experimentation parts of the episode are rooted in truth, too. While Leti is contending with endless harassment by white neighbors, she also has to deal with supernatural happenings at her home.

Who are the main characters in Lovecraft Country?

The first two episodes of HBO's Lovecraft Country tells stories of the nightmares—both real and fictional—that its black characters Letitia Lewis, and Atticus, George, and Montrose Freeman encounter as they try to take a road in the 1950s. But in episode three, the series pivots towards a new story.

Where did the Clarks move to in Lovecraft Country?

In July 1951, Harvey and Johnetta Clark and their two children moved into an apartment in the Chicago suburb of Cicero. They had to get a court order to make the move possible, as when they first attempted to move in, they were prevented from doing so by the sheriff.

What was the history of Chicago in Lovecraft Country?

The show tackled Chicago's history of resisting housing integration and unethical experiments performed on Black people.

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