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Frequently Asked Questions

What happens in Episode 5 of Lovecraft Country?

Photo: Courtesy of Warner Media. Warning: Major spoilers ahead for Lovecraft Country episode 5, “Strange Case.” There are only two ways to leave Sunday night’s Lovecraft Country episode, “Strange Case:” smug or unable to ever sleep again.

Who is in the second camp in Lovecraft Country?

Ruby Baptiste (Wunmi Mosaku) is in the second camp and ends the episode horrified to see Christina claw her way out of William’s frame.

Who are the main characters in Lovecraft Country?

Ruby was definitely the main character of this episode, and that played out in her saga of taking the spell to become a white woman while helping out William.

Who was the white woman Leti killed in Lovecraft Country?

As we see in the episode, the potion turns Ruby into a dead person: Dee (Jamie Neumann, again), the racist white woman Leti kills in Ardham during “Whitey.” It is possible William is also actually dead, allowing Christina to take his form as the inspiration for her potion spell.

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