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Frequently Asked Questions

Where does Episode 6 of Lovecraft Country take place?

Lovecraft Country’s sixth episode represents the series’ sharpest divergence from the source material yet, switching the setting from 1950s Chicago to South Korea at the dawn of the Korean War.

Who is the first face in Lovecraft Country?

But if there’s one thing that Lovecraft Country has proven time and again throughout this season, it’s that it is a series that contains multitudes. The first face we see in “Meet Me in Daegu” is neither Atticus, or Leti, or even Montrose’s, but rather Judy Garland’s.

Why was Ji-ah made a kumiho in Lovecraft Country?

This condition, combined with her mother’s neglect, is the cause for her inability to feel or experience love fully. Ji-ah was not born a Kumiho, however; she was made one by none other than her own mother, as a way of exacting vengeance on her late husband for sexually abusing Ji-ah when she was a child.

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