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Frequently Asked Questions

What happens in the second episode of Lovecraft Country?

For most modern dramas, Tic’s narrow escape from the fiery destruction of Ardham would be the end of a big segment of the story. Lovecraft Country instead knocks the house down in only its second episode. The path to get there is a bit bumpy, but it makes sure we won’t get complacent for long with anything this show does.

Why did Christina reinstate the spell in Lovecraft Country?

She explained that Christina-as-Ruby reinstates the spell after throwing Leti out the tower window, to keep her promise to the real Ruby that her sister wouldn’t be harmed. That’s not clear enough with how the episode plays out, unfortunately. There’s also the matter of Christina ultimately not being that compelling a villain.

Who are the writers of Lovecraft Country TV show?

The Lovecraft Country pilot, written by Misha Green and directed by Yann Demange, opens with a scene on a far grander scale than any of those, but it still gives you the show in a nutshell. The picture is black and white, and we are at war, as a unit of African American soldiers battle it out in the trenches with their North Korean opponents.

Why did TIC and Leti want to leave Lovecraft Country?

Hattie and Hanna have convinced Tic and Leti that the most important thing should be to wrest control of magic away from white people forever, which makes sense in the abstract. Christina’s just too nebulous an avatar for the family’s larger fear of how magic can be used against them in the future.

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