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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the show Lovecraft Country a good show?

Far too busy trying to exact social justice on a beloved but notorious racist and trying to "take it back", Lovecraft country makes cardinal sins of entertainment. Its boring and it does not understand its source material at all.

Who is the author of Lovecraft Country movie?

Lovecraft Country, which debuts on Sunday, was chiefly adapted from Matt Ruff’s original text by Misha Green, cocreator of the antebellum drama Underground. It was also developed under the auspices of Jordan Peele’s Monkeypaw Productions, whose portfolio has rapidly expanded in the three and a half years since Peele’s breakout feature, Get Out.

Is there a paywall for Lovecraft Country?

But the consistency of Monkeypaw’s M.O. has yet to translate into consistency of output, Lovecraft Country included. Trapped behind the paywall of relatively obscure streamers, Twilight Zone and Weird City are also subject to the inherent ups and downs of starting from scratch with every episode.

What did Jordan Peele do with Lovecraft Country?

Jordan Peele Has Mastered His Brand of Horror. But It Hasn’t Trickled Down to His Productions. ‘Lovecraft Country,’ the new Peele-produced HBO horror series, is both a tribute to and a subversion of H.P. Lovecraft’s work.

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