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Frequently Asked Questions

What was the first season of Lovecraft Country?

Season 1 Review: Misha Green's spellbinding Lovecraft Country defies genre stereotypes with fantastic Black talent both in front of and behind the camera but that isn't what should attract audiences (though obviously that is a plus); viewers should flock to it because it's just that good. Read full review

Is the movie Lovecraft Country a good thing?

There were a lot of ways “Lovecraft Country” could have gone wrong, but timing didn’t turn out to be one of them. It’s a good moment to get attention for a scary-monster series that rejuvenates the horror genre by making the heroes Black and putting America’s racist history at the center of the story.

Who are the producers of Lovecraft Country on HBO?

Through five previewed episodes, or half the season, the jury remains out on that last part. Yet the series boasts such a handsome look and impressive cast and creative pedigree --produced by J.J. Abrams and "Get Out's" Jordan Peele, and adapted from Matt Ruff's novel by Misha Green ("Underground") -- it earns the benefit of the doubt.

What was the atmosphere like in Lovecraft Country?

(CNN) A strange brew of race, history and horror, "Lovecraft Country" feels like the child of "Get Out" and "Watchmen," with a pinch of "True Blood" for good measure. The HBO series conjures a pretty intoxicating atmosphere, while proving confounding about what its rules are.

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