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Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the best definition of the word loveliest?

Define loveliest. loveliest synonyms, loveliest pronunciation, loveliest translation, English dictionary definition of loveliest. adj. love·li·er , love·li·est 1. Beautiful especially in a pleasing or charming way.

Who is the loveliest man in the world?

Contemporary Examples of loveliest She has been married to the music critic Pete Paphides (“the loveliest man who ever lived”) since 1999. It stands entirely on its own as one of Salinger's saddest, loveliest stories. The loveliest thing about this play is that all it wants to do is entertain you.

Which is the loveliest place in the world?

Your old homestead is the loveliest place around, with its deep eaves and dormer-windows and vines. I think it one of the loveliest spots I ever beheld, commanding beautiful views every way. If Jim had planned on showing them the loveliest scenery, he was running true to plan.

When is the loveliest time of the year?

Many trees offer magnificent displays of flowers at certain seasons of the year; perhaps the loveliest effect is derived from the bushes and trailing creepers of the Combretum genus, which, during the "winter" months from December to March, cover the scrub and the forest with mantles of rose colour.

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