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Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the song " Lovely Day "?

Lovely Day (song) The song is notable for Withers' sustained note towards the end, which at 18 seconds long, is one of the longest ever recorded on a song.

Who was the original singer of Lovely Day?

Producer Clarence McDonald also arranged the original 1977 version of the song and played keyboards. Guitars were played by Ray Parker Jr., Jerry Knight played bass, and Russ Kunkel played drums.

When did Lovely Day by Bill Withers come out?

Lovely Day (song) " Lovely Day " is a song by American soul and R&B singer Bill Withers. Written by Withers and Skip Scarborough, it was released on December 21, 1977 and appears on Withers' 1978 album Menagerie .

When did the Lovely Day commercial come out?

Public interest was again piqued in 1995, when "Lovely Day" was used in adverts for Tetley tea, again in 1999 for a Gap commercial directed by Hype Williams, and yet again in 2020 in ads for Good Morning Football on NFL Network, Allstate insurance TV commercial, as well as an ad for Pandora Jewelers.

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