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Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the members of loverfella on YouTube?

LoverFella - YouTube What is up Zachlings.Congrats, you found the FIRST channel I started, that means you're a part of the LoverFella team. I'm racing the other channels I own to...

What can you do on the loverfella server?

It features a fully functioning economy, and so many more things! You can play Survival, Skyblock, Creative and Events occur every few day , and you can interact with Loverfella during these events. Loverfellas’s server has an amazing community and a terrific staff team!

How old is loverfella the Minecraft YouTuber?

Find a dedicated community, comprehensive video summaries, and more! [age 26] ), better known online as LoverFella, is an American YouTuber and business owner. He is known for his Minecraft videos, which mostly are filmed on his server.

Are there any perks to playing loverfella MC?

Opens up features that will give you more of a fun and exciting game experience on the server, and offer lots more perks for a more player based feel game! With this you can treat yourself and friends if you choose to! with no expirey and global service!

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