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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an M1083 MTV?

The M1083 MTV or Medium Tactical Vehicle is available in many variants. During the late 1980s the US Army was looking for a new military truck family. The main emphasis was stressed on reliability, low unit and running costs, and long term efficiency. There was a grueling series of selection trials which took place over a period of many months.

What does m1083a1 stand for?

M1083 or M1083A1 5 ton FMTV from 3rd Platoon, Bravo Company, 577 Engineer Bn., 1st Engineer Brigade, US Army Engineer School, Fort Leonard Wood, MO.

What is the difference between the m-1083 and the m1078?

Maybe the important issue for you, rockDAWG, is that we compared the amount of Diesel needed at every stop. We drove same speed, same route, same hills, same temperatures, etc and the M-1078 used just about half the fuel that the M-1083 used.

What kind of vehicle is the FMTV m1083a1?

FMTV M1083A1 5.0 ton Standard Cargo KEY FEATURES Full-time all-wheel drive Fully automatic transmission Technical Manuals (TMs) U.S. Army proven ultra-reliability Family of 14+ vehicles with 80% commonality U.S. Army certified 22-year corrosion Highest proven reliability of any tactical vehicle

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